After ten years of online content design from e-commerce websites to internet consulting for university homepages, Drew Olanoff (creator of The Best Damn Tech Show Period, among many other projects) began Scriggity in July 2006 and has been churning out episodes ever since.

The show’s first season had a popular presenter new to the vlogging arena named Shauna, who was titled “Queen of the Interweb” during her reign. Shauna left after the season was up, prompting an opening casting call on craigslist that found another vlog newcomer, Alex, to host the show.  When she didn’t quite pan out, Olanoff took on the hosting responsibilities himself, welcoming back Shauna for the sporadic appearance and bringing on Emmy Award-winning editor, Bill Cammack to cut the show.

Where video channels like Diggnation deliver news that covers major current events as submitted by readers from the site Digg and Rocketboom culls the internet and news headlines to find interesting fare, Scriggity delivers news on a more local and personal level. Users submit stories to Scrigg and then those stories make their way onto the show. Alex is like the town crier of the news vlogs, reading headlines like, “Erica moved into a dorm and has a psycho roommate”, “Harry got a new job as a bouncer”, and other such stories to which viewers, in one way or another, can probably relate. 

In short, cleverly edited episodes, she reads three of the week’s most interesting user-submitted stories and revamps them with her friendly blend of anecdotes and humor.  Scriggity can definitely be more entertaining than your regular web news (or other forms of infotainment), and I imagine hearing the events of your week told to hundreds of viewers is a pretty fun experience.

There’s also a blog that lists new episodes, appearances on other vlogs, and random thoughts from the hosts and Drew when they choose to transcribe them.


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