Pulp Secret, a Next New Networks launch from March ‘07, prides itself on being “the world’s first comic book network.” That means three weekly shows, A Comicbook Orange, The Stack, Comic Book Club, Pulp Secret Report and Pulp Secret Confessions, that provide reviews, discussions, and humorous asides about new storylines, new series, and new issues of comic books of all panels, colors, and illustrations.

Pulp Secret’s slew of shows covers all the bases.

A Comicbook Orange, hosted by Casey McKinnon and Rudy Jahchan – creators of Galacticast (Tilzy.TV page) – features right-to-the-point reviews (rated from one to five “oranges”) of the latest comic books to hit stands. Casey and Rudy display a natural camaraderie in the brief but adorable sketches that come between reviews.  And the reviews themselves are critical, informative, and knowledgeable, whether it’s on the merits of DC’s All Star Superman or discussing the “competent, but not spectacular” the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

The Stack is a roundtable discussion featuring three amiable supergeeks, Alex, Pete, and Justin, debating in an off the cuff style on recent comic books and comic book related news. It’s as if you’re sitting with them, a fourth member of a squad that appears completely comfortable trading jokes and jabs about in front of a camera from things JLA to The New Avengers.

Comic Book Club
is the crew from The Stack engaging in live interviews with comic book writers and artists, that touch on topics like comic book sexuality and bring in industry names like writer Ron Marz of Witchblade, Silver Surfer, and Green Lantern.  

Pulp Secret Report
provides in-depth, news magazine-style coverage into various newsworthy events and subjects such as Spiderman week in New York.

Pulp Secret Confessions
simply asks various “names” in the comic industry questions like “What’s the last comic book you read?”

Between the shows and the site’s extensive blog, there’s little that won’t satisfy your daily comic book fix.

Again, you can’t miss here, but some great episodes feature The Stack boys talking new X-Men and their list of the most controversial moments in comic book history; Pulp Secret Report’s, errr, report on the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art and Mad magazine headquarters; and various artists trying to create a new superhero in ten seconds on Pulp Secret Confessions. You don’t need to wait for the next issue to find out if they succeed.


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