Photoshop TV is produced by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), the nationally accredited and leading resource for Photoshop education and news founded by Adobe in 1998. The show is hosted by three members of NAPP- “The Photoshop Guys”- Dave Cross, who authored/co-authored Illustrator CS2 Killer Tips, The Photoshop World Dream Team Book, and Photoshop CS2 Help Desk Book and currently work with education and curriculum development at NAPP along with Matt Kloskowski: a regular contributor to Photoshop User and Layers magazines, and author of Illustrator Most Wanted and Extreme Photoshop; and Scott Kelby: president of NAPP, CEO of KW Media Group, editor of Photoshop User, Layers and Nikon Software User magazines, andauthor of a number of best-selling Adobe related books. The first episode of Photoshop TV was aired in October or 2005.

Photoshop TV is essentially a series of Photoshop tutorials on camera with some of the most experienced Photoshop users in the world. Episodes run about 30 minutes long, are released every Monday, and while the latest episode is free to download or stream, previous installments must be purchased for $1.99 a piece.  They touch on various technical issues such as how to create a product shot for advertising, how to color correct “by the numbers,” how to make a photo “jump” out of its border, or how to create a photo within a photo (both episode 27). Each episode features three different problems and solutions- one from each Photoshop Guy- as well as information on various contests and prizes, a “to do” list that is really an advertisement for the various magazines, books, and websites of the Photoshop Guys and their friends at Adobe, and advertisements from their sponsors. Photoshop is definitely the kind of program that you need someone to show—not just tell. (Wouldn’t you rather watch someone use the gradient map to colorize black and white images than try to read how to do it?) Keep in mind, however, these episodes are not necessarily for beginners, they are not sequential lessons in that build on the skills gained from previous episodes, nor do they promise a comprehensive knowledge of the entire Photoshop program. Also, they are not exactly entertainment. (I mean, the Photoshop Guys are funny, but it’s a software lesson!.) Photoshop TV is an assortment of interesting and highly useful tips for the Photoshop professional or enthusiast.

Take a look at episode 75, and learn how to use adjustments, filters, and free transform to create a professional looking product shot, how to remove a color cast using curves, how to execute a new method of color correction, and then how to apply it to many photos using automation. Also see Scott Kelby insult Matt Kloskowski’s book Photoshop Speed Clinic, which shows you how to be super fast with your Photoshop skillz.

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