Sega geeks rejoice! There’s a series – and hero – for you called The New Adventures of Captain S. As created by Chad Williams, the show follows Chad Belmont, a perfectly normal teenager whose only idiosyncrasy is possessing the power to enter his favorite Sega Genesis games to battle the evil Game Genie and NES (Nigel Edmund Silverman). Captain S is produced by PBC Productions, whose four masterminds – Williams along with Lindsey “Z” Briggs, Devon Riley, and Brett Vanderbrook – contain three of the stars/creators of the show. Released at the start of 2007, Captain S’s first season can also be seen on ScrewAttack

The New Adventures of Captain S is a deft combination of the classic high school comedy genre (think Saved By the Bell and Degrassi), in which lessons of adolescent life are learned with a touch of whimsical fun, and the fantasies of every video game enthusiast who daydreams of experiencing their favorite titles from within. Thus the show contains a reliable stable of characters: Becky, the bookworm friend who quietly worships Chad; Stacey, the elusive dream girl; Lunk, the kindhearted jock; and Nigel, the black clad nemesis. (And to top it off there’s a ridiculously catchy theme song). As for what’s going on in the show’s ever-deepening Sega-oriented plots, those of us without a proper knowledge of video games will become promptly lost after the more grounded first episodes (one and two are particular standouts in this regard; it gets weird around episode six when a back story about Chad and NES’s former friendship makes an appearance), but thankfully the show is human and funny enough to enjoy it on purely entertaining level. As for those as absorbed in Captain S as Chad is in his games, the site provides additional fun in the form of Becky’s Bulletin that offers insights into the characters concerns for Chad, extra “filler” clips of outtakes and bloopers, and a messageboard for fans.

Though plot-wise the show can be difficult for an unsavvy gamer such as myself (though I did have my own short-lived Sega period), the eighth episode exemplifies the complexity and wit of Captain S, including a clap-along cribbed straight from Peter Pan. Heck, I found my own hands coming together in percussive rhythm to save Chad, that’s how involved I got.

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