Canadians Alex, Fret, and Fraser of Far From Subtle Productions are the inventors of the kooky cartoon-for-adults known as The Little Buzzers. While clearly, intentional or not, there is some reference to those annoying little Teletubbies, this cartoon is geared toward the more sarcastically inclined set. Production began in August 2005, with new installments from the Toronto-based creators airing a little less than once a month thereafter. 

Sedrick, Duncan, and Greevil are the three main characters of this popular flash animation, with Dr. Kill-Kill making guest appearances as the evil con-artist, always trying to swindle money from the three of them. The threesome look like various renditions of Casper the Friendly Ghost meets the Ghostbusters’ Marshmallow Man meets Hershey Kisses. Considering this simplistic design for the blob-like buzzers, the animators do a pretty impressive job at making them expressive. They speak in synthesized electronic voices while bubbles pop up over their heads as translations of their sarcastic and funny banter. The episodes show the buzzers raving, beat-boxing, chewing batteries sprinkled with poison, and even visiting Lady Bass, the techno DJ.   True fans can comment on the hilarity on the website’s Forum.      

The Little Buzzers episodes have a running storyline that builds from episode to episode. That being said, it’s best to start with episode 1 where Sedrick and Duncan discover Greevil, and then watch the rest straight through.

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