After America Online’s merger with Time Warner began to fall apart, Steve Case announced an interest in building a new media empire based in the healthy lifestyle industry. And in July 2005, Case’s private holding company, Revolution, purchased the small-town, family-run Wisdom Media Group, which included the cable channel Wisdom TV in the acquisition. Revolution then relaunched the network with CEO C.J. Kettler later that year as LIME, “Healthy Living with a Twist.” It’s a green network that expresses caution about the way we live now and propounds the opportunities available for change on an individual and a global scale.

The website is meant to support your entire well-being with videos focused on food, health (beauty, pregnancy), balance (yoga, self-improvement, meditation), fitness, environmental concerns, people (transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, living the green life), and even business (money, technology).  Viewers are invited to participate by asking questions and challenging the ideas presented on the site. Video content, which is never longer than four or five minutes, can be accessed blog-style or through LIME TV.  Some episodes feature experts like Deepak Chopra giving guidance on how to stay centered. Others use the documentary style to showcase an activist like Julia Butterfly Hill. (Don’t forget to check out the extreme activist catfight on Webisode 12 of the documentary.) The site also boasts a variety of podcasts articles, news feeds, recipes, member blogs, links to articles about new eco-friendly products, and a membership database of equally concerned individuals.

This interview with Dr. Gary Small, a neural scientist who studies memory and advancing brain activity, is an interesting clip of infotainment. The segment discusses an exercise in mental aerobics that will help you remember any piece of information through visual, contextual, and repetitive recognition. As an example, he asks you to use his techniques to remember the following list of words: teddy bear, cigar, poodle, banker, and tennis racket. Try it and see if it works for you. (As for me, I just wrote that list of objects after watching the clip 20 minutes ago. I’ve forgotten almost everything else Dr. Small said.)

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