Before we go any further: the “God” in GodTube is a very specific god – Jesus Christ. GodTube is an evangelical Christian depository of video-sharing related to urgently communicating the word of the Son. Some of it is lighthearted, some of it is fiery, but it is all righteous. Founded by Chris Wyatt, former CBS News producer who later enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary, GodTube launched in January 2007 with a simple goal: to connect millions of Christians in order to “exchange ideas and spread the Gospel worldwide.”

Depending on one’s personal beliefs, GodTube is either the Word made electronic or the latest in the intrusion of revivalism into all areas of American life.  Indeed, GodTube is strictly for the hardcore: its “about us” page consists mostly of quotes from the Bible, the “t” in its logo is enlarged and enhanced to more resemble a cross, and its video clips, posted by a variety of contributors, tend toward the fanatical. Christian rock? Check. Pulpit sermons against abortion? Check. Political tracts like “The Day They Kicked God Out of the Schools”? Check. What can be said in favor of a niche site so far removed from the interests of secular Net scourers is that the often controversial clips (submitted material is approved by a “bank of theologians”) have generated some healthy debate. There’s also a good amount of unintentional hilarity, as with a “Baby Got Back” parody gone horribly wrong to regular postings of Kirk Cameron’s resurgence as an evangelical spokesperson. That’s the thing about GodTube: you’ll watch it if you love it, or if you hate it.

Viewers of all religious persuasions will most likely come together to agree on the wit of the Community Christian Church of Naperville’s Mac/PC commercial parodies, which pit a humble “Christ-follower” against a more arrogant “Christian.” Thankfully, Christians aren’t compared in their holiness to Muslims or Jews.


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