Los Angeles-based Game Trailers was created in 2002 by the company’s current vice president, John Slusser, for gamers who were sick of waiting for slow uploads of game trailers and gameplay footage that wasn’t all that great to begin with. (Slusser also co-founded Hornet, Inc., a successful design and production company, and taught digital art classes at Cal State Fullerton.) In November of 2005, Game Trailers was bought by MTV Networks, and is now considered to be a leader in broadband videogames content, with about 3 million visitors and 8 million downloads every month. In February of 2007, Game Trailers acquired exclusive rights to Screw Attack programming, further expanding Game Trailer’s video lineup by incorporating ScrewAttack’s original and entertaining game-centric shows, and a month later inked a partnership deal with France’s gaming television channel Game One to deliver content via cable and satellite to over 6.5 million French households. 

Gametrailers is a gamer’s mecca. The site’s content is vast and it’s video programs are awesome. A number of different shows are featured, including Game One and GT Weekly, both hosted by Amanda Makay, and cover new developments in the gaming world. Bonus Round features interviews with the industry’s top experts like David Jaffe, who developed Calling All Cars and God of War; Game Head, another interview show with a more casual, low-budget feel also interviews gaming experts on more generalized topics.. VS, a unique show that pits two rival games, characters, or companies against each other using actual gameplay to display the qualities of each, allows viewers to vote for their favorite (I recommend the first episode, which reviews Playstation 3’s Resistance: Fall of Man against Xbox 360’s Gears of War). Also see Screwattack, which offers three shows: Angry Video Game Nerd, a foul-mouthed game nerd that disses old video games; Top 10s, which reviews the ten best games in a category like “boobies” or “coolest characters”; and Video Game Vault, which reviews old video games like Inspector Gadget. All of these shows are incredibly engaging and definitely fulfill the creators’ intent to provide gamers an in-depth analysis and coverage of the gaming world.


If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can explore the text based news section, view video previews and trailers, peruse the site through different platforms such as Playstation 2, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, etc., or join the large community on Game Trailers by becoming a member and upload you own game related videos to the user movies section, write reviews, or participate in the forum.

With all the sophisticated gameplay experiences and stunning special effects that platforms today allow, sometimes it’s nice and relaxing to kick it old school. I never knew there was a Rocky and Bullwinkle video game but there is, and it was made in 1983. Check out this expert review of The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends by user gimmieGDT. The only thing more excruciating than the game is gimmieGDT’s play-by-play commentary. Maybe old school gaming isn’t that great. Well, I guess there are some exceptions.   

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