Daryl Hannah’s online series, dh love life covers super-green topics like biodynamic wine, bike culture, and the many uses of hemp. Instead of abusing her celebrity status by showcasing her efforts all over the tabloids, she goes by the admittedly unambiguous pseudonym “dh” and employs a user-friendly website to showcase her mini-documentaries and inform the world of all the hazards that endanger it.

She may have the benefit of better than average production values from videos shot by professionals, but her message is all green.

The first episode makes its mark with pure shock value: Daryl pours herself a glass of the vegetable oil she uses to fuel her car, drinks it, and then licks the stopper to her fuel tank. The effect is pure curiosity and she uses it to spark viewer interest in her 5-minute videos.

Each through episodic environmental investigation of dh love life has a clear message, usually indicated at the end of the episode with a link to a website that hopes to combat whatever problem Daryl has taken on that week. In addition to daryl spouting vegan, eco-friendly wisdom, current events appear in the videos almost as much as they appear in the news section.

One famous episode worked to garner sympathy for a subsidized farm in the middle of South Central LA that risked being bulldozed. (After the episode appeared on the site, she tied herself to a nearby tree and found herself in jail.) In addition to the show, the incredibly informatived Know Dummy provides readers with news (good and bad), eco alerts, lifestyle tips, and in-depth feature articles written by daryl herself.

What’s so great about the show is that it never fails to entertain amidst all the eco education. a trip to MARS, a vegan playhouse with a stripper pole and a huge trampoline in their backyard, is not only a discussion about the health values inherent in the vegan lifestyle, but a bizarrely fun advertisement for the quirky establishment.

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