Founded by tech-industry start-up specialist David Sifry, Technorati catalogues millions of blogs for quick and easy searches of the blogosphere. Naturally the site would have their own vlog about blogs. Originally known as the Technorati Daily Vlog and shot in the office kitchen, Buzz TV began in October 2006 as a rundown of some of the web’s top chatter. Initially hosted by several Technorati staff, including Aaron Krane and Liz Dunn, major host duties were handed to Aaron early on and the show has benefited from continually improved style and format.

Coming to you every weekday from his desk, Aaron Krane’s three-minute updates are pretty straightforward – lookin’ for some good webgossip—Come on down! Aaron takes a short break from his day of surfin’ to bring you the hottest tidbits from Technorati’s ‘Live Web conversation’, that is, the top searches of the day. Want to know about Paris or Antonella but don’t want to do the dirty work of finding it yourself? Aaron’s up on it. But this site is not only for the tabloid set. Aaron was recently reporting backstage from the Spirit Awards in LA and got some questions in with movie types regarding the influence of web-culture on Hollywood. BuzzTV also updates on major news stories and politics, giving you Aaron’s opinion as well as cross-referencing several other blogger sites or media outlets, with links in his ‘cited’ column for in-depth perusal at your leisure. To go along with the goings on of our famous and fabulous, BuzzTV also drops the occasional viral video gem sifted from the vast sands of the net. From congressional pages to presidential races, iPhone to Joost, scandal to, well, scandal, BuzzTV has seen it, read it, and wants to tell you about it. All in all, a pretty good distillation of what’s makin’ waves on the web.

Zen question: If a blogger mentions another blog, does anybody read it? Check out Aaron’s own ripples on the pond by seeing what other bloggers are saying about him when you click ‘View Blog Reactions’.

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