Along the coastal reefs of Bonaire, a beautiful island in the Dutch Caribbean, Roger Burnham and Marcia Leatham took a permanent leave of absence from the working world in 2002 and set up shop as contract scuba videographers. For $100 a day, you can have them film your vacation dives and get an insider’s guided tour of the island’s reefs from behind the camera. Roger has been shooting professional underwater videos since 1996 while Marcia picked up her trade from a lifetime of shooting scuba vacation videos on trips with friends and family. In September 2006, the duo brought much of its content to the web on Blennylips Bonaire in order to promote its scuba services and show off the site’s amazing content.

Dives and guide logs are available to watch on the site or to purchase as a full-on Bonaire vacation starter guide. They’re a few minutes long and are spectacular by virtue of their content. It’s amazing to see some of the couple’s underwater exploits, which is why Burnham and Leatham have catalogued their videos of island wildlife for casual viewers who aren’t interested in the site’s videographer services. Another way to experience the site’s video content is by its map of the island. Roger and Marcia have thumbtacked their taped travels for site visitors and each location has a series of wildlife and diving videos attached, so you can really feel the differences in the island’s reef and land terrain. There’s everything from videos of the easily-spotted to the well-camouflaged, from flamingo flocks in flight to iguanas lazing around the beach, that will surely absorb more of your time than you would expect. Overall, it’s a very good site if you’re considering a Caribbean getaway and looking to do some activities research.

The underwater eccentricities will definitely catch your attention if you’re part of that breed of television watchers who grew up watching PBS and the Discovery Channel. My favorites are the golden coral shrimp, that looks as though is made by a glassblower until all of its spotted limbs come to life, and the Spanish lobster that resembles a manatee

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