2007 was a formative year for internet-TV.  In fact, I think 2007 was the year in which we witnessed the emergence of a truly a distinctive medium and art-form fueled by open distribution.  Josh Cohen and I were continuously impressed with the staggeringly imaginative, moving and meaningful video content created just for the web. 

As the year came to a close, we began to discuss the must-see internet-TV episodes, and were overwhelmed by far too many incredible episodes to mention within just one post.  That said, we choose ten remarkable episodes of the year to share on this final day of 2007. 

For those not particularly familiar with internet-TV, this is a good starting-point, as this nascent industry and medium have grown with and around these exemplary shows that constantly push the medium and community.

To all the people creating original video content for the web: thank you.  It’s been a pleasure observing what happens when talented people of varying skills, perspectives and backgrounds gravitate towards an open medium. 

Here are ten hilarious/moving/though-provoking/ground-breaking pieces, in no particular order…

1. Internet People – Meth Minute 39

###2. Joanne’s Conscience of Crisis – Rocketboom

3. Facebook – Wallstrip


4. “Songs You Already Know: Scared” – ZeFrank


5. “Rod vs Henry” – We Need Girlfriends

6. “Lets Talk About Sex” – Patrice O’Neil Show (EXPLICIT)

7. “Iraqi’s Celebrate Victory in the Asian Cup” – Alive in Baghdad

8. “Acorn Rainbow” –  Wreck and Salvage

9. Naomi Wolf – The Alcove with Mark Molaro

10. Episode One – iChannel

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