Through a mysterious “formula” that takes into consideration “view counts, most shared, most discussed, top rated, and general popularity,” YouTube has released a list of its “Most Memorable Online Videos from 2007.”

Aside from the incredibly awesome, wild animal Battle at Kruger (which was facilitated by a Zapruderian stroke of happenstance) and Obama Girl (which one could argue has brought an interesting new dimension to political discourse), it’s basically a list of TMZ or MTV pop culture phenomena devoid of any “cultural benefit.”

Chocolate Rain Original Song by Tay Zonday


Me singing “what goes around” Justin Timberlake

NORA the Piano Playing Cat

Otters holding hands

PARIS IN JAIL: The Music Video

Soulja Boy Tellem – How to Crank That – INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO!

UFO Haiti

I’ve seen and enjoyed the majority of the videos above, and in a viral, water cooler kind of way, they’re definitely memorable. But wouldn’t it be nice if we web surfers had collectively viewed something with a little more gravitas?

Maybe I’m just engrossed in a social action state of mind after pondering the implications of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. YouTube is the online video community for the masses and, in a country where 27 million people – almost 9% of the population – eat at McDonalds every day, accessible, artistically bland, entertaining hits are going to be the kind of content attracting the most views. This isn’t going to change in 2008.

I eat a Big Mac now and then, but junk food isn’t my only source of sustenance. I’m sure the same can be said for the millions of others ingesting in between the golden arches. I’m equally sure that web surfers consuming Chris Crocker also watched other vids with more value and artistic integrity. It’d be great if next year’s “Most Memorable” list could somehow reflect that.

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