10 Best Holiday Web Videos

By 12/25/2007
10 Best Holiday Web Videos

The winter solstice was three days ago. That means, while nestled up in a family friend’s chateau for the holidays in northern New Hampshire at a latitude of roughly 44N, I engage in any activities that require natural light before 4PM. Fifteen minutes later it’s pitch black. That leaves an excess of afternoon and evening indoor-time for eggnog with a Captain Morgan’s kicker and, after all the teenagers here monopolized Rock Band, a lot of internet TV.

Here are the 10 best snowy white Xmas vids form 2007 that this Jewish desert rat has seen.

10. Doogtoons and Ask a Ninja: A Very Ninja Christmas Pt. 1. Pt. 2

### Doug Bressler of Doogtoons and Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine of Ask a Ninja have been collaborating on “Special Deliveries” since way back in April of ’06. Here, Bressler colorfully animates the Ninja’s tale of Santa’s revenge for that “incorrigible zombie snowman, Frosty” brutally murdering Mrs. Claus.  Of course, Mr. Claus is a huge ninja himself, “both literally and metaphorically.”

9. for tax reasons: IM IN UR MANGER KILLIN UR SAVIOR


Ben Levin went from being that pharmaceutical-infused, lovelorn, annoying dude that you have to drive home after a concert to teaming up with Matt Burnett and getting all LARP on the internet. IM IN UR MANGER KILLING UR SAVIOR even comes complete with geeky commentary pointing out its egregious roleplaying errors and inconsistencies.

8. The Killers: Don’t Shoot Me Santa

Reportedly directed by creative mind Matthew Gray Gubler, this music video mixes sock puppets, a Nevada hoedown, and a rockin’ synth-pop sound with typically depressing Brandon Flowers lyrics that will even out your holiday cheer.



7. The Revision3 Gazetter: VC Baby

Though Here Comes Another Bubble satiated whatever hunger I had for hit songs retuned with geeky, cute, techbiz lyrics, I’ll watch anything with iJustine.

6. Dominic A. Tocci: North Pole is Melting


In this sing-a-long with a happy beat but grim environmental outlook, one of Santa’s Elves elucidates how the fat man in the red suit, and the world, should go green.

5. Homestar Runner:

In Homestar Runner’s world, there’s a holiday celebrated by the flashy denizens of Free Country, USA that comes every 55 days after Halloween and bears some peculiar similarities to Christmas. This year, after watching what is presumably Free Country’s version of It’s a Wonderful Life, Strongbad fills us in on what Decemberween is actually all about.

4. Professor Brothers: Prisoner Christmas

Famous for his alternative narrative to the first Harry Potter flick and turning American presidential myths into crudely animated, fabulous fairy-tales, Brad Neely has found another hit with the Professor Brothers. Here, the insane profs rock out and educate their students on what Christmas is like in the can.

3. Jon Lajoie: Cold Blooded Christmas


Jon Lajoie is an “everyday normal guy” French Canadian comedian from Montreal. His comedy has been waxing popularity on YouTube and Funny or Die over the past six months with hits like “Friends with God” and his  2Girls1Cup anthem. This is his “Christmas Story,” or “How I Lost My Uncle.”


2. Baby Cakes: The In-House Carol

Another one from Brad Neely, but starring his overgrown, eccentric, infantile creation, I Am Baby Cakes. The John McClane references are entirely unexpected, bloody and priceless.


1. POYKPAC: The Amazingly True Story of Christopher Cringle

It’s a Christmas creation myth with pagan influences built on the back story of Kal-El, from the same Williamsbrug, Brooklyn crew behind the “Hipster Olympics” and “Mario: Game Over.” This one just might be their best.


Merry Christmas and Happy viewing!