We’ve noted that “it’s not too sensational to argue that the timeline of vlogging can be delineated by words like ‘pre-Rocketboom’ and ‘post-Rocketboom.’  The break out vlog has achieved its tremendous success and attention with a singular, sustained effort on reputable, entertaining internet news.  

Despite his self-proclaimed need to “stay on the cusp” and “be a step ahead,” Rocketboom creator Andrew Baron has taken the time to consider how he can best leverage his resources in an exploding new media market. 

I sat down with Andrew to find out where he sees the future of Rocketboom, and what exactly inspired him to begin this faithful journey…

It’s exciting to consider that we’ve barely reached the beginning of a media revolution, and successes like Rocketboom are just beginning to expand.  I admire the team for taking the time to understand a developing market before jumping into it.  I have a feeling we’ll see some very interesting stuff coming very soon. 

Andrew has mentioned a few specific projects in the works, including a live show that will broadcast via BlogTV, but he was reluctant to tell us much more, citing an element of surprise. ###For those who can’t wait, he did recently share a few detailes with Andy Plesser of Beet.TV (Tizy.TV page).

There’s no exact launch date for the project as Andrew and Rocketboom team are hesitant to launch before it’s “ready,” but within the coming months you should expect a live, highly interactive show that will focus on solving problems by getting the audience-cum-community involved.  We’ll update when we have more info.

By the way, last week after I interviewed RB producer Kenyatta Cheese, he sent this episode of Rocketboom as one of his favorites. I can see why.

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