Will Coghlan and Robert Millis host Political Lunch, a newscast that airs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and covers the 2008 presidential campaign. Launched in March 2007 by Hudson Street Media – the same production company behind Millis’ politically-minded interview show American Microphone (Tilzy.TV page) – the Lunch, as they call it, reports on both sides of the Left-Right fence and each presidential candidate, including purely speculative candidates like Fred Thompson and Mike Bloomberg. Served in three to five minute bite-sized packages, Political Lunch offers a tasty smorgasbord of the latest Beltway intrigue, served with a healthy pinch of sarcastic critique.

In political media, during the height of the runaway successes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Political Lunch has found a niche somewhere between irreverent commentary and straight up news. 

In the way of a news cycle round-up, bearded Coghlan and bespectacled Millis deliver bipartisan coverage from behind their desk succinctly, if stiffly, gracefully and a little awkwardly (and therefore endearingly) mimicking a “professional” broadcast amidst the Lucnh’s trademark pig oinks. There are updates on candidates’ campaign management, spending practices, and public appearances, enough to keep you well informed of the trajectories of Hillary, Rudy, Obama, and Mitt toward the White House. But it still looks as if Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have cornered the market on the ironic zinger.

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