Hayden Black is the creator of Goodnight Burbank (Tilzy.TV Page) — a comedy about the people who bring us the news while they’re bringing it — and Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary — the online video diary of an adolescent girl suffering from 8th grade, her parent’s recent divorce and a genetic condition that makes her look a lot like…well, Hayden Black.  Abigail’s viewership has gone through the roof, and it’s gotten major media attention, since it launched in October

I sat down to talk to Hayden, who had worked previously on traditional television, about his internet-TV aha moment, and how he’ll use this and other media to spread his creativity in a world of converging media.  

Hayden BlackThe most popular videos are here

I also had the pleasure of talking to the lovely Abigail Hannon while watching the production of her teen diary.###

This was an interesting experiment for me, and a reminder of Hayden’s talent.  Truth is comedy.  The development that has gone into creating a complete and truthful character, who responds naturally and honestly, is what makes this concept really stick.  Hayden notes that his process is not just about a quick laugh.  Abigail is the ultimate outsider, and all of us can relate in some way to her rather piteous, and yet totally absurd, existence. 

We’ll keep our eyes on Hayden for more unique and entertaining applications of converging media.  

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