Hailing from Old Saybrook, Connecticut, new media producer, writer, editor and principal of Pound Productions, Mary Matthews honed her skills while working the New York City old media circuit with gigs at Fuse TV, AMC, a host of independent clients and production houses, and other companies with well-known acronyms for names.

It wasn’t until the Spring of 2006 – when old school videoblogger, friend, and colleague Jay Dedman exposed Matthews to the wonderfully expressive world of online video – that Matthews realized the internet’s potential. Previously beholden to the will and whim of television producers and network bureaucracies, she was introduced to this space where “people are finally able to tell their own stories in their own voices, which is huge and a real, true way to connect to people and communities you never could without online video.”

Matthews practices what she preaches…a lot. With a handful of online productions and appearances – including a personal videoblog, a series of stories from a lovelorn New Yorker, a running American Idol critique, a “Washington Outsider” talking politics, and an appearance at the first CNN/YouTube debates – she’s knee-deep in new media, using the medium exactly how one should. As a method to connect with people and build community, as an uncensored means of expression, and as a way to tell great stories.


Last week I caught up with Mary and we talked about her recent projects and what she’s up to next.  To check them out yourself, visit PoundProductionsllc.com.

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