Mahalo Daily is boring.  There, I said it.  And I had such high hopes.  I liked the promo.  The first couple episodes held my attention with high expectation, and Veronica Belmont has an unmatched charm and screen presence.  But, frankly, the show needs some kokua (that means work in Hawiian).

I expected internet culture/infotainment a la Rocketboom (Tilzy.TV Page) or Epic Fu (Tilzy.TV Page), but what they’ve got appears to be haphazard and cheap.  Does anyone spend time researching and writing these shows?  Day in and out, it feels like a thrown-together Rocketboom field report or a series on VideoJugg (Tilzy.TV Page) produced in an afternoon. 

I don’t care how to make a grilled cheese sandwich – even if I did, it appears to be self-evident – and the instructions on avoiding a hangover were as dull as they were useless.  Mahalo’s got all the ingredients for a great show, and they need to focus them on interesting content. ###

My guess?  Too few resources.  Maybe “Executive Producer” Tyler Crowley spends too much time producing the CalacanisCast, and not enough time producing Mahalo Daily.

It’s only been about ten days, so I should cut the team some slack.  It takes some time to catch a groove.  Here’s to hoping they figure it out soon – they have so much potential to pull off something unique. 

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