The new media celebrity that’s caught the attention of the mainstream more than anyone else – more than either host of the aberrant news vlog, Rocketboom (Tilzy.TV page) and more than web video’s most famous cyber-toymaker and philosopher-comic, Ze Frank (Tilzy.TV page) – goes by the first name “Gary” and a last name comprised of three syllables with equal emphasis on each one. Sing it with me if you know the words: “Vay-Ner-Chuk”.

Savvy owner of New Jersey-based, online wine and liquor retail shop, Wine Library, and effervescent host of online wine review show, Wine Library TV (Tilzy.TV page), Vaynerchuk’s seen more press and entertainment coverage than the latest Beaujolais Nouveau. Entrepreneurship and personality profiles in Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Slate, and palate-training sessions on Conan and Ellen are highlights of his roster of media appearances, but they still don’t compare to his online appeal. The loquacious oenephile with an infectiously animated personality and a gift for similes reportedly draws 50,000 viewers daily and a couple hundred comments per episode.

What’s one to do with those kinds of numbers and an affection for attention? Take a break from one camera and get in front of another.

Launched October 15, is home to the host’s “120s” – two-minute breaks from the wine grind to talk about whatever may come to mind. Below, he fills me in on the endeavor and what to expect.

### Seated in a black leather chair at his Wine Library office, Vaynerchuk looks like a Belarusian Tony Montana as he sounds off on things near and dear, like why Joe Torre should be out of NYC and how MSFT’s ticker price is on the up and up. It’s like Drinking with Bob (Tilzy.TV page) with a little less yelling, a self-reflective vibe instead of a political tone, a more expensive camera, and a much cooler website.


When someone not starring in an infomercial or standing on a used car lot is this expressive about anything, it’s hard not to enjoy. But with only a handful of videos up so far, can Vaynerchuk pump up the output and keep up the intensity? He’s promised me yes, that there are more videos on the assembly line, and he just needs to find a rhythm.

Let’s see it, Gary. Bring the thunder.

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