Last month, Frederator Studios launched its first original online series featuring the create stylings of one of the web’s celebrated “go-to guys” for funny viral cartoonsDan Meth

The eponymous Meth Minute 39 debuted with ‘Internet People‘ – an ode to celebrated online memes from the past decade, depicting them through wackily animated imitations seen in rapid succession against an appropriately nostalgic, “We Didn’t Start the Fire“-inspired anthem.  The video took me for a pleasant ride down memory lane and apparently had the same effect on a lot of other people.  In the last four weeks, the video’s been viewed a reported 4.5 million times.

But it isn’t exactly what I was expecting from Meth.  Sure ‘Internet People’ is fun and I’ve caught myself humming the chorus on one or two geeked out occasions, but (as I noted before) it lacks the sharp aberrant edge I was anticipating.  After its release, I was comforted by words on the the series’ website promising “thirty-eight more of the strangest minutes in animation history.”  Today, the first 60 seconds went live. 

When they said “strange,” they weren’t kidding. ###

In Meth Minute 39‘s second episode James Brown gets all binary and mechanistic on his bandmates when he explains he wants rock out in the studio, do his thang, and get into it like a sex machine.  You know, like a “mechanized device built for copulation with a lady” constructed by futuristic overlords to usher in a superior human-cyborg race.  That kind of sex machine.

And that’s more of what I was expecting.  Fantastically odd, bite-size snacks from the incredibly absurd and creative palate of the animator who turned the Hebrews onto crunk and demystified Kubrick.  With the initial publicity from the series’ first episode and this kind of subsequent content, Meth’s got a great shot at becoming an online meme himself.  If the rest of the series is this good, he may just have to pen himself into ‘Internet People 2.’

Catch a new episode for the following 37 Thursdays at

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