“She was peoples’ friend. The sister that they never had. The girl next door that everyone adored. But what they didn’t know, is that Bree had a mysterious secret.”

That’s how jonastko describes his confidant, friend, quasi-girlfriend, and everyone’s favorite lonely girl, Bree Avery, in the Seasone One recap of the faux-videoblog online series that pits a fictitious occult reality against the trials and tribulations of a super cute 17 year-old.

To bring you up to speed, Aleister Crowley was born in 1875 and was a British occultist responsible for writing seminal works on mystical and dark arts. During his lifetime, the British press dubbed him, “the wickedest man in the world.” Bree has a picture of him hanging on her wall.

Over the past 15 months, LonelyGirl15 (Tilzy.TV page) has depicted a growing cast of friends and enemies involved in a series of increasingly unbelievable and sensationalized events surrounding an aggressive, Crowley-inspired cult called the “Order”. There have been restricted diets, daily injections, dancing ceremonies in the woods, presumptions of a dead father, extensive road trips to evade capture, kidnappings, brainwashings, and some help from a Neutrogena scientist.

Oh, the things a teenage girl has to go through in America.

The series last left Bree happily conditioned to believe she belongs in the Order, but Daniel, Jonas, and friends know better. The season finale, called “12 in 12”, will show 12 episodes airing over 12 hours starting at 8AM PST on MyspaceTV, where we’ll find out whether or not Bree forever succumbs to the Order’s Hymn of One calling, or snaps back into a healthier, less occultish reality.

Picking up exclusive rights to air the finale marks the latest acquisition grab for MyspaceTV in a recent push to establish itself as a dominant figure in online video.  First there was the partnership with Prom Queen (Tilzy.TV page), then came the MySpace MiniSode Network, followed by The Storyteller Challenge.

The deal also sheds light on LonelyGirl‘s immense popularity.  Since it debuted, the series’ producers – Greg Goodfried, Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders – have bounced from hosting their work on YouTube to Revver, back to YouTube and now MySpaceTV, each service boastfully touting the show’s presence.  As Liz Gannes describes, the new partnership is “pretty remarkable. The team behind LonelyGirl…is not only getting to keep the rights to their content and creative control over it — they’re having people squabble over the right to pay their bandwidth fees.”

Bummed that Season One of LG15 is concluding and can’t wait for next one to air? Don’t fret too much. You’ll only be deprived for one weekend. Season Two of LonelyGirl15 is set to start Monday.

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