Just 12 days into his lifecast, Robert John Burck – New York City’s most famous Naked Cowboy – welcomed his first, self-referential celebrity cameo.

Lifecast pioneer Justin Kan of Justin.tv (Tilzy.TV page) stood in Times Square alongside the Naked Cowboy earlier this afternoon. Both strummed guitars, took pictures with tourists, and sported only shoes, cowboy hats, tighty whiteys, and cameras.

The “event” was broadcast on both of their Justin.tv channels, so viewers could watch Justin watching the Naked Cowboy watching Justin, and the Naked Cowboy watching Justin watching the Naked Cowboy. Thrilling, I know.

This is where lifecasting is headed. As we pointed out last week, live, streaming internet video is only going to become more sensationalized. The concept is no longer entertaining simply for the concept’s sake because the concept is no longer new. Viewers get the idea and now they’ll start to crave something more engaging than “people wasting time” to keep them tuned in.

Bigger and better “events” are sure to come, especially considering the competition in the market. As TechCrunch notes, “Evolution amongst live video sites has turned into a kind of an arms race, as sites seek to nail down the right look, feel, and features to draw the best publishers and crowds of viewers.”

Publicity stunts and epic content should be thrown into the mix.  If Naked Cowboy and Justin getting together can draw some moderate attention, imagine what some real celebs could do.

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