Produced by On The Leesh Productions, The In-Betweens of Holly Malone is an episodic series that addresses the life of one single, painfully awkward woman in New York City. Based in New York, On The Leash produces innovative films, plays and other theatrical showcases. (Not to be confused with Off the Leash Productions, its non-profit company that focuses primarily on experimental theater.) On the Leesh also has a blog, Fetch. The show is written and created by PG Kain, who has taught writing at Barnard, NYU, and The New School, and performed by Jessica Arinella (Holly, as well as the director of acquisition and development of On The Leash), Matthew G. Rashid (Dimitri), and Julie Tortorici (Francesca). The first season of The In-Betweens of Holly Malone was filmed in the spring and summer of 2006.

Holly Malone is the quintessential single, nervous woman who manages to screw up any interaction that could possibly lead to a date. She lives in New York City, has a dog, her own apartment, a job, and of course, a token gay friend. She is basically a more believable Carrie Bradshaw. Episodes are generally around two minutes long and are shot at various locations throughout Manhattan. The first season follows Holly and her two friends, Dimitri and Francesca, as they participate in a rage of ridiculous activities such as shopping for sex toys in Episode 1 at The Pleasure Chest on 7th Avenue (which also happens to be a stop on the Sex In the City tour), or obsessively evaluating a message left by a possible date for Holly in Episode 4, shot in the Le Gamin Cafe on Hudson street in the West Village.

Much of this show relies on certain cultural references, such as the landmark adult toy shop mentioned above, or the fact that Holly is often eating Mr. Softie ice cream on the street, that are unique to New York City, and so, as someone living there, I feel a particular affection for these characters. I especially like watching episodes shot in familiar places like the Conservatory Garden in Central Park seen in Episode 10.

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