Turn your meta-meters up to 11 because this is about as self-referential it gets.

A week after the Prom Queen’s First Season Finale and the announcement of a Summer Heat spin-off, the Michael Eisner backed Vuguru production company is starting another online series. The producers of the teen hit will partner with Thom Woodley and Kathleen Grace of Dinosaur Diorama Productions and The Burg fame on a new web-based serial – “The All-For-Nots.”

The premise: A mock-rockumentary that will follow a struggling indy-rock band on a 24-city tour around the US. The series will consist of 24 weekly installments, each highlighting one stop on the band’s tour.

The catch: Instead of focusing on the fictional band that’s playing real, live shows (wait….does that still make them fictional?), the series will reportedly follow the fictional documentary crew that’s following the fictional band that’s playing real, live shows. Ever wonder what Marty DiBergi thought of Spinal Tap’s David St. Hubbins or how Nina Blackburn put up with NWH trio Ice Cold, Tone Def, and Tasty Taste? Now you’ll know.

Now about a third of the way into their Motorola-sponsored mini-season, The Burg has received much well-deserved attention from around the web and even in some slightly more mainstream fare. The show is also a personal favorite, and I can think of no one better equipped to produce a series parodying indy-rock. Woodley and Grace both live in one of the epicenters of the indy scene, actively promote new bands in their episodes, and have a talent for creating music videos themselves. Check out their winning entry into the latest Vlog Deathmatch below, and check out “The All-For-Nots” set to premiere this fall.




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