Shanda Freeman and Isaac Freeman III (better known as Fatman Scoop) of popular vlog "Man and Wife" have signed a deal with MTV where the couple will be contracted for mainstream mutliplatform development in TV, books, and DVDs–the traditional triumverate of "multiplatform," since the married vloggers have already conquered online audiences. According to Hollywood Reporter, their website recently attained over 3 million views.

The show is a resounding sensation that deals with hot button issues and "everything you need to know about sex and relationships but were afraid to ask." Shanda and Fatman are a real married couple and their candid confessions are remarkable given that Fatman is a pretty big celebrity. The legendary hip hop DJ that can now be heard hosting his own show on New York’s legendary hip hop radio station Hot 97 shares with fans some of the most intimate details about his life. See Fatman and Shanda shoveling snow! Hear about Shanda’s nighttime fantasies involving Troy Aikman! Be amazed by Fatman’s berating after Shanda cops to forgetting to take off the camera lens cap during an exclusive interview with Flava Flav! It’s a hilarious–and candid–show.

And apparently MTV agrees. "Their hilarious and frank discussions could help usher in a new era of public discourse on everything from sex and sexuality to romance in a committed relationship and bring Scoop and Shanda to an even wider audience," said Tony DiSanto of MTV Series Development and Animation.

So congratulations, "Man and Wife"! Keep on vlogging, though. And in case you already haven’t, get ready for the MTV show by checking out the show online.

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