Since September 2006, the Zanzibar19 outfit has pushed out over 24 episodes of their top series Snowmen Hunters. And now it’s 25.

Less than a year after launching, the show premiered the first episode of its third season last night with an installment titled, “Everett Gets His Stupid Back.” Classy! This is a low-budget, bizarrely funny show that I have no idea how I would explain without two direct quotes:

Sherman: “This war against snowmen? This war has cost Everett more than most men could endure. Everett wasn’t always like this. Everett was a very gifted man. Everett’s changed. Scarred. Ruined for life. And why? Why? Because of some snowman. It’s a god damn shame what those snowmen did to Everett. Took his life away from him! Cut him down from his prime. He’s a drooling, f*cking moron upstairs in the closet. I know! I put him there! I am what you would call the alpha male. I dominate Everett in every way.”

Everett: “For two years, I was humiliated in every way by this hillbilly mutant [Sherman]. And you didn’t do anything? All of you–every single one of you looking at me right now–is dead. I’m murdering Sherman and you’re going to videotape me killing him.”

That was the end of the second season. For 24 episodes, Everett (Christopher Allan Smith) had been in what could best be described as a coma of stupidity following the trauma of seeing his wife have some indescrete motel moments with a snowman. His friend Sherman (Ryan Neisz) has helped him seek revenge against the snowmen, but at the expense of Everett’s dignity, since Sherman treats him like a dog. A stupid dog. A really, really stupid dog.

For no apparent reason, a video crew has taped them throughout their journeys. And now, as the third season begins, Everett is about to get his revenge. Watch out the hilarious premiere and find out whether he succeeds or not (I don’t know if you caught on from the episode title, “Everett Gets His Stupid Back,” but…you know what, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I won’t ruin it for you).

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