Maria Bamford is one of those actress comedians whose name you won’t remember, but whose voice will make you go, “Where the hell do I know her from?”

Well, you know her from every sitcom and cartoon ever. Yes, ever. The list of shows and movies where she’s been a random guest star is impressive and inspiring. She’s been in “Tom Goes to the Mayor,” “Home Movies,” Stuart Little 2, Lucky Numbers, and “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” just to name a few of the ones that might sound familiar to you.

But it’s really her voice that’ll give you pause. Most of her resume is voice acting and it’s because her voice is just that distinctive. A little bit harsh and a little bit baby-soft, she comes off sounding like a vulgar 12-year-old vegan. In the best way possible.

So, Maria Bamford has a show on Superdeluxe, a comedy network that’s one of my go-to sites for never-fail-to-entertain-you entertainment. If you’re not familiar with Superdeluxe, I’ll just say this: an exodus of comedians and animators of mild to massive fame have been squirreled away from old media and paid to create exclusive original content for the site.

Bamford’s show, The Maria Bamford Show, is essentially the same bizarre narrative of real and unreal events that Sarah Silverman has on Comedy Central’s television network right now. And it’s so good that you have to wonder if Sarah Silverman would have even gotten it greenlighted instead of Bamford if Silverman hadn’t come out with “Jesus is Magic.”

Episodes, which are released once or twice a month, revolve around her life (her mother, her romances, and her sister) in the same semi-autobiographical, semi-not way that’s caused David Sedaris so much grief lately. Each installment is so brilliantly funny. I think that brilliance has a lot to do with her delivery, which is kind of what would expect if Rita Rudner‘s tongue was preternaturally possessed by Sarah Silverman. When you factor that in with the occasional costume, you can understand why it works so well.

Watch the latest episode below and check out The Maria Bamford Show on Superdeluxe, which just ordered another 10 episodes from Bamford and her producer. Awesome!

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