Maybe it’s that the restricted length is more conducive to a sense of humor like mine, or maybe it’s the Ritalin-imbibed ADHD, but I always prefer an online shows’ shorts to their regular runtime counterparts.

Sometimes shows find their best voice when trying to condense more material into less time rather than inflating less content into longer periods established by systematized episode length.That’s why I’ve been enjoying Unleashed TV‘s series of shorts released between seasons, which they’ve taken to calling Comedy Sorbets.

If you’re not familiar with Unleashed TV, it’s an online series about Hollywood actors. Who happen to be animals. The show’s third season is slated to launch on June 3.

There’s only a handful of sorbets, one of which is just a trailer for the new season and another features in-character suggestions on what to do during the show’s break. One great sorbet is a joint episode with Digital Punch where Dog fails at getting interviewed about hot pet toy trends.

But my favorite features my favorite character, Gerald, a canary, and the animal actors’ common acting coach, Ron.

Ron: “She always wanted me to go into the family business.”

Gerald: “What’s that?”

Ron: “Coal mining.”

Gerald: “Oh, really?”

Ron: “A filthy, disgusting enterprise.”

Gerald: “Hey, that’s offensive to me. A lot of my ancestors died in coal mines.”

Check out that sorbet below and watch for Unleashed TV‘s new season on June 4.

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