“Tell us about your work.”

“Well, I did most of these on wood. This one’s called “No Do-Overs, Jack,” and it’s kind of about people taking an extra turn and the retaliation to that. This guy Jack got shot because he overstepped his boundaries.”

That tantalizing soundbyte was from this week’s episode of Retroblast!‘s long-running gamer show COIN-OP TV takes viewers to LA’s third annual “i am 8-bit” festival, an art show tied together with a common theme of retro gaming. From an operable six foot joystick (the second largest joystick in the world) to pencil profiles of Legend of Zelda characters, the festival displays traditional visual art based on contemporary nostalgia for gaming iconography.

Host Cyndee San Luis talks to everyone from the festival’s founding director to Nolan Bushnell, the man behind Atari. It’s the second time that the show has gone to “i am 8-bit” and has only gotten more on-point with her interview technique (“So you have the right to say that you have the biggest joystick in the United States?”).

So if you’re in the mood for some awesomely shame-free nostalgia rendered into intellectualized artforms, check out “i am 8-bit” on COIN-OP TV.

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