One of the best shows on GoFish, the online network with a mix of original, prepackaged, and user-submitted featured in hundreds of individual channels, is undoubtedly Hooman: Man on the Street.

Hosted by an ordinary 32-year-old guy with a microphone and a video camera following his expeditions, Hooman travels everywhere from fashion shows to coal protests asking people questions about who they are, what they’re doing, and anything that could be considered degrading and humiliating but not enough for him to get punched. It’s like a verbal version of Jackass: how far can you go before you get slammed in the face? He even asks Robert Scoble (ScobleShow) how many times a week he works out.

The show is short and the editing is rapidfire. Episodes are all around three minutes long, which is just the right amount of time for this kind of humor.

His latest set of interviews cover a recent Gap gala in San Francisco, but the upload I want to share with you is his special episode on Beerfest. There’s nothing better on a Thursday afternoon than watching the following exchange happen on your computer screen:

Hooman: “What’s the dumbest thing beer had made you do?”

Drunk Woman: “Have sex.”

Hooman: “With who?”

Drunk Woman, leans in close: “Randoms.”

Well, I lied. There is. And it’s also in this episode:

Other Drunk Woman: “I convinced this guy the other day that I was pregnant because of my beer belly.”

Check out Hooman: Man on the Street on GoFish.

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