Last week, we pointed you to Super Deluxe. Earlier this week, we were excited to tell you about FunnyOrDie. This weekend, we’re thrilled to redirect your browser to DotComedy.

Why? Because you love comedy. There’s no question about it. The most successful video sites are video-sharing sites, which have always leaned toward funny videos. How else could Will Ferrell’s new website get more than 1.5 million viewers in its first weekend without a single advertisement announcing its release?

Still… why DotComedy? Why now? This week we also learned that YouTube is now making huge strides to move away from copyrighted content, one of the site’s most popular elements. Yes, viral videos and vlogs have always been popular on YouTube. But if you’re going to tell me that you never watched Stephen Colbert’s White House Correspondents Dinner skit when it was available on YouTube, I’m just going to assume your name is Liar.

DotComedy has something no other site has: the rights to the full stock of NBC Universal’s programming. This includes new films like Hot Fuzz and Black Skeep, old footage of Bobcat Goldthwait and David Letterman (with Barry White!), and shows like 30 Rock and The Real Wedding Crashers.

The site also adds new original shows to its listing all the time like Not Access Hollywood, Brian Unger’s Untitled News Comedy Show (which just ended its first season), and the popular parody series Playback.

But DotComedy’s most popular videos right now are the ones that involve Triumph the Insult Comic. Yes, that embittered little rubber puppet of vulgarity. If you look at the site’s Most Watched list, there’s a sizable imbalance between Triumph videos and, well, everything else.

So check it out this weekend. There’s more than enough material there to keep you watching.

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