JoeCartoon, the site hosting a flotilla of original Flash games where the goal is to torture a cartoon character until he or she is eviscerated, violently defenestrated, or simply altogether destroyed, got a redesign today.

Beloved by college kids and stoners (two parts of a single Venn diagram that’s little more than one lone circle), Mike Tuinstra and Mike Storey have made well over a hundred videos, interactive cartoons, comic strips, and games where their freakish creations get the crap, which is often Nickelodeon slime green or carmine, pummeled out of them.

But until today, their site was comprised of thumbnails and gallery pages like an art museum’s conception of a “virtual tour” in 1992. Their redesign touts more refined categorization of their horde of multimedia content, separate and easily maneuverable channels for the site’s shows, and even new content like Froggy Funwheel. (Click it. Even though it involves bone-cracking, leg-pulling, blood, and eyeball-popping, it’s work safe.)

On second thought, I think the good people at JoeCartoon verbalized the difference between their old site and their new site better than I ever could: “The old JoeCartoon was a big fat juicy cheeseburger for your mind. The new site is a side of Black Angus beef on a spit, over a fire, sprayed with 20 cans of Cheese Wiz, surrounded by 10 cold kegs of beer, hot babes, and a midget on a pony. It doesn’t get any better than that.” It never gets any better than a midget on a pony. (No offense.)

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