While we’re on the topic of Super Deluxe, it’s worth asking: have you checked it out yet? Because it’s worth checking out.

Besides being a site that’s beautiful to look at and easy to poke around, it has some of the funniest exclusive clips on any online video comedy network. It’s only been around for three months, but the site’s list of talented hired help gets better and better. Their current main attraction is Brad Neely of Creased Comics.

You remember Brad Neely. Last summer, the musician/animator/illustrator posted his now famous “George Washington” music video on YouTube to thunderous pages of praising comments and an enormous amount of hits for something that was artistic, funny, and wholly original.

If that doesn’t ring any bells, maybe his Super Deluxe artist bio will help: “Brad Neely is a terrible idiot. A fake man. A lie lover. A gosling. Gift ideas: steak piles, vodka rides, Choco mousseys, and big, thick black pianos.”

No? Well, check out some of his videos. His style is consistent and pretty memorable. So far, he’s begun two series for Super Deluxe–“The Professor Brothers” and “I Am Baby Cakes.” Super Deluxe made the laudable decision to tap vloggers, short-form online comedy troupes, and one-off web animators like Neely–people that fans of online comedy video clearly enjoy–to create material for the site, which is then focused on their creations. Neely’s compatriots on the site include online favorites like Olde English and Quack Media, television stalwarts like Dave Foley and Richard Belzer, and a host of user-submitted videos.

Here’s the most recent episode of “I Am Baby Cakes.” Enjoy! Check out more at Super Deluxe.

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