Five Must-Have Experiences At Digital Marketing Confab madconNYC

By 11/30/2020
Five Must-Have Experiences At Digital Marketing Confab madconNYC

New digital marketing confab madconNYC runs Dec. 1-3, and in those three days will pack dozens of educational, livestreamed sessions with leaders from companies like TikTok, Facebook, Hulu, Activision Blizzard, and Burger King.

Because this inaugural event is entirely virtual, madconNYC encourages attendees to take a “build-your-own-adventure” approach and curate their own schedules by cherry-picking sessions that will most benefit them. But with so much going on, it might be easy to miss something important—so we’re highlighting five things madconNYC attendees should be sure to check out.


These half-hour sessions are the foundation of madconNYC. There are four of them each day, led by digital marketing agencies selected for their innovation. Speakers from MNI Targeted Media, Advocado, Undertone, ENGINE Group, Lotame Solutions, Acronym, Claritas, 97th Floor, Cortex, Wistia, Branded Entertainment Network, and White Ops will cover everything from artificial intelligence to consumer data to 2020’s best holiday ads (and why they’re the best). You can see the full madTalks lineup here.


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The Exhibition Hall

Just like any in-person conference (remember those?) madconNYC has an exhibition hall where industry leaders will vend their cutting-edge products. Each exhibitor–including programmatic marketplace Acceptable Ads Exchange, market research firm Wiland, and social media campaign performance platform MakeMeReach–has a virtual “booth” displaying their products, examples of their work, and the names of all team members attending the conference. Attendees interested in working with exhibitors can use madconNYC’s messaging tool to request a meeting.

To see madconNYC’s exhibition hall, log in to the attendee dashboard and select the Sponsors tab.

IAA Academy

The International Advertising Association is a coalition of professionals across the advertising and communications industries, with chapters in more than 70 countries. It’s bringing all that collective knowledge to madconNYC for IAA Academy, an 11-session program taking place Dec. 1 and 2. Sponsored by Google, Facebook, TikTok, cloud-based ad tech developer Acoustic, marketing agency Bond, and management consultancy company Winterberry Group, IAA Academy is specifically designed to teach marketers about how to leverage top-notch ad tech. You can see the IAA Academy sessions here.

IAB Thought Leadership

Six madconNYC sessions per day will come from the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Thought Leadership track. These half-hour, panel-style presentations each bring together multiple marketing experts from different brands and agencies to discuss a variety of topics relevant to the current advertising era.

Sessions include, for example:

  • The Streaming Wars: How Marketers Can Win–featuring René Santaella of Estrella Media, Benjamin Diesbach of Goodway Group, Tim Natividad of Roku, Andrea Clarke-Hall of Tubi, and Jessica Levine of Facebook
  • Are Influencers Still Relevant?—featuring Kristin Maverick of 360i, Chris Bower of Fullscreen, Julie Roy of DSW, and influencers Idalia Salsamendi and Brittany Hampton
  • Podcast Ad Revenues are Revving Up—featuring Brett Robinson of NPR, Peter Morris of PodcastOne, Dan Granger of Oxford One, and Cathy Csukas of AdLarge Media

You can see all Thought Leadership sessions here.


Virtual confabs don’t come with the possibility of grabbing a quick bite with a tablemate or striking up conversation with a fellow waiter-in-line, but madconNYC has made sure networking is still possible.

In addition to the exhibitor meetup feature we mentioned earlier, madconNYC lets attendees use their main dashboard to schedule one-on-one meetings with any industry leader speaking at the conference. They can also search for and chat with fellow attendees using a built-in private-messaging system. To access these features, log in to the dashboard and select Speakers under the Agenda tab.

madconNYC is free to attend. Registration is open here.

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