You may know Daz Black when he has hair-clips on his fingers acting as a spider. Or maybe you know him when he has soap on his face. Or you could be one of the UK native’s 1.5 million gaming channel subscribers. Or gaming isn’t your thing and you’re a subscriber of Dak’s sketch comedy channel. Or maybe this is your first introduction to Daz. Regardless, we’re happy to introduce, reintroduce, and/or give you another opportunity to get to know some more about another social media star from Vine.

For those unfamiliar with his previous work, here’s a sampling we put together on Snakt:

We also recently caught up with Daz after we announced BEST VINES EVER and had him answer a few quick questions about his career and its trajectory on the platform that left the internet far too soon.

Tubefilter: When did you realize that something was catching on for you on Vine, and why do you think people kept coming back for more?

Daz: I first realized things were taking off on Vine, when I uploaded a Vine called “Girls with Annoying Laughs”. The next morning I woke up and had grown around 40,000 subscribers! From then on I started taking it more seriously and started to do small sketches with different characters. I think people came back for these characters and to have a good laugh!

TF: What was your favorite Vine trend or meme?

D: My favorite Vine trend had to be “Jesus Christ it’s Jason borne”, haha.

TF: Do you have any videos you’ve done that you look back on and think…HAH, what was I thinking?

D: Yes! Haha probably Happy Cloud Vines.

TF: Tell us about some new projects you are up to now!

D: I’m currently running two YouTube channels! One is for gaming and the other (like vine) is for short films and sketches. I am also moving into acting in film and have landed some small roles.

TF: If you had to give younger creators advice on how to make a career out of social media, what piece of advice would you tell them to live by?

D: Always be yourself and do what makes you happy.

TF: Tell us something really weird or surprising about you…

D: I used to be a builder.

If you dig Dak’s vines, you can vote for him to win BEST VINES EVER. Fans can vote within the Snakt app with just one touch of a Vote button, or by quickly creating a “stack” of videos as a compilation. Right now, he’s at #1! Smash that Vote button in Snakt and keep him in the top 5!

While you’re at it, check out some of the best Vines of all time from over 450 of your favorites. And you’ll be able to catch them all, too, at the BEST VINES EVER Awards Show on May 17, 2017, where we’ll see which creators are behind the best Vines of all time.

Pretty simple, right? We think so, too. For more information you can check out  and if you have any questions hit us up at Good luck and thank you for helping us pour one out to Vine one last time.

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