Before She Had 2 Million Followers On Instagram, Summerella Made Some Of The BEST VINES EVER

By 04/26/2017
Before She Had 2 Million Followers On Instagram, Summerella Made Some Of  The BEST VINES EVER

You may know of Summerella Boissiere from her stint in Billboard’s R&B Top 100. Or you might be one of the burgeoning twentysomething star’s over 2.1 million Instagram followers. Or you could be among the ATL native’s nearly-half million YouTube subscribers. Or perhaps you’re an old school member of the #RellaGang, who was originally attracted to her comedic personality and flare for fashion and beauty back when she started on Vine in 2013. Or maybe this is your first introduction to Summerella.

Regardless, we’re happy to introduce, reintroduce, and/or give you another opportunity to get to know some more about another social media star who got her start on Vine. For those unfamiliar with her previous work, here’s a sampling we put together on Snakt:

A look back at how @_summerella_ first made her #RellaGang fall in love. ❤💖❤ Remix made on @snakt, where you can vote for her to win #BestVinesEver.


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We also recently caught up with Summerella after we announced BEST VINES EVER and had her answer a few quick questions about her career and its trajectory on the platform that left the internet far too soon.

Tubefilter: When did you realize that you were making it on Vine and that this was the start of something big for you? 

Summerella: I realized it when people started noticing me in public, like woah, this is some different stuff. This is way different from just chilling in your room, like today I met someone in McDonald’s, and they just started busting out crying like oh my god! So it’s still shocking to me to this day, but I started figuring it out when people started noticing me in public.

TF: What was your favorite Vine trend?

S: There was a trend of my own finds (saying NEVERRR), where everyone was making edits of me saying never. People would put a silly vine with my clip, and it was weird how they would use their own vine with my videos.

TF: Is there a vine that you did that makes you say, “What was I thinking”? 

S: Yes, the “can you do a split on that dick”. Oh my god, everywhere I go someone says that to me. Why did I ever do that vine, now people are thinking that I’m doing splits on dicks. It got so bad to where I made a whole game out of it, it was trending on the Appstore.

TF: Tell us about what you’re up to now! 

S: Yaaasss, I just got done filming the season 9 of Wild ‘N Out, and once I go back home I’m going to finish up my EP. Once i finish that, I’ll hopefully go on tour and show people my voice, and you know, slay the world. The first song I ever released was on vine. I put a preview up on vine and I made it to number 15 on Billboard. I was just freestyling on vine, and all of the comments on vine were telling me to make it a full-length song.

TF: What is some advice that you live by that keeps you going forward? 

S: Be yourself. Nobody does you better than the way you do yourself. Just be yourself, that’s all I can say.

If you dig Sumerella’s vines, you can vote for her to win BEST VINES EVER. Fans can vote within the Snakt app with just one touch of a Vote button, or by quickly creating a “stack” of videos as a compilation. Right now, she’s at #19, but you all could change that. Smash that Vote button in Snakt and get her into the top 10.

While you’re at it, check out some of the best Vines of all time from over 450 of your favorites. And you’ll be able to catch them all, too, at the BEST VINES EVER Awards Show on May 17, 2017, where we’ll see which creators are behind the best Vines of all time. 

Pretty simple, right? We think so, too. For more information you can check out  and if you have any questions hit us up at Good luck and thank you for helping us pour one out to Vine one last time.

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