As we’ve said before, we were sad when we found out Vine was going away. The six-second looping video app was a fount of ingenious entertainment that singlehandedly helped to usher in a new class of creators who thrived inside the platform’s restrictions and developed their own voices, styles, and – of course – massive audiences. And because of that, we couldn’t shake the feeling that Vine and the incredible creators that once made up its thriving community never quite got the send-off they deserved. We want to remedy that.

BEST VINES EVER is a final celebration for the creators, content, and community of Vine where fans can view and vote on their favorite Vine content from the platform-that-was-gone-too-soon’s popular stars. And today’s the last day to enter.

If you want to have a shot at your loops being noted among the BEST VINES EVER, be sure to signup right here right now. The celebration will take place throughout posts on Tubefilter (where we’ll take a now-nostalgic look back at our favorite six-second looping clips) and on Snakt (an innovative new mobile video application with its own burgeoning community and technology that can intake Vines and allow fans to vote on their faves). Everything will culminate in a fan-voted Top 100 countdown, along with in-person honors and a celebration in Hollywood on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 befitting of the unique video medium and its creative class.

Fans have already been busy voting for their faves. Here’s the leaderboard as it stands today:

BestVinesEver First Leaderboard Graphic_4.11

But those positions could all change in a matter of moments. Submit your Vines and/or vote for your favorites and we’ll see who ends up with the BEST VINES EVER. More details and information in a condensed, easy-to-read format below.

Key Dates:

How It Works:

Any former Vine creator can participate by filling out the entry form. Then all your Vines – complete with original captions – will be available on the Snakt app for fans to vote. Fans can vote within the Snakt app with just one touch of a Vote button, or by quickly creating a “stack” of videos as a compilation.

Pretty simple, right? We think so, too. For more information you can check out and if you have any questions hit us up at Good luck and thank you for helping us pour one out to Vine one last time.

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