Snapchat Adds Filter-Style “Lenses,” Trophies, And Three Replays For $1

By 09/15/2015
Snapchat Adds Filter-Style “Lenses,” Trophies, And Three Replays For $1

Snapchat has some new features for users to enjoy. The messaging app, which deletes communications after a short period of time, has added filtering “Lenses” for snaps, a collection of Trophies, and the ability for users to pay to replay their snaps.

In a company blog post, Snapchat explained how the app’s users can implement the new Lenses feature, which can add animations, sound, and special effects to snaps. While users are using their camera to take a selfie or picture, they can press and hold on the screen to activate Lenses. All Snapchatters need to do then is follow the on-screen instructions to select a Lense before taking the snap and sending it to friends and followers.

Snapchat also hinted at the introduction of Trophies, which Business Insider reports are virtual awards Snapchat will bestow on users after they’ve unknowingly used the app in a specific way or performed a specific task. For example, Snapchat users could get a Trophy after taking ten snaps with their front camera flash. Business Insider notes Snapchat won’t notify users when new Trophies awarded, so Snapchatters will need to keep checking their “Trophy Cases” from time to time.


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Arguably the biggest update Snapchat has made to its app is the ability for users to pay for snap replays. The ephemeral messaging app (which now isn’t so ephemeral anymore) charges users $0.99 for three replays on any of their received snaps. However, snaps are limited to one replay only, which means users can’t choose to re-watch one snap over and over again.

Snapchat writes in its blog post how it introduced the Replay feature under the Additional Services settings menu almost two years ago. This feature can be turned on by individual users and allow them to watch one replay per user per day. “But then we realized — a Replay is like a compliment!” Snapchat writes. “So why stop at just one?”

With the new paid replay option, Snapchat now has a direct, in-app revenue stream to add to its other sources of income. These include its 3V advertising program, which promises to deliver full-screen, vertical videos with 100% viewability. Snapchat also reportedly commands high rates for ads on its Discover platform, and has also run ads on its sponsored and curated Live Stories feeds.

Snapchat recently hit the four billion video views per day mark, thanks to roughly 100 million active users around the world.

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