Madonna received a lot of attention for releasing one of her music videos on live streaming app Meerkat. But Matthew Santoro and Nicole Arbour have also set themselves apart as live streaming pioneers. The duo of YouTube stars recently filmed a music video entirely with the Twitter-owned live streaming app Periscope.

Arbour and Santoro filmed every shot of “Fun Revolution” using Periscope streams before compiling the clips into a full-length video on YouTube. The YouTubers have appeared in each other’s Periscope streams before, particularly on Arbour’s Periscope-based show #TheScope (which is the first of its kind on that platform). So when Arbour wanted to create “Fun Revolution,” she enlisted Santoro to help direct and appear in the music video.

Arbour’s music video started as a branded entertainment piece for Awake Chocolate. The 30-year-old YouTuber, comedian, and recording artist told Tubefilter how she wanted to do something different with “Fun Revolution.” Arbour realized an immersive Periscope experience integrating fan appearances and comments, as well as inside jokes from her and Santoro’s live stream histories, would do just that.

“On the brand side, I’ve created a ton of branded entertainment, but with this we wanted to do something more than just a shout out, or product placement,” Arbour wrote in an email. “Awake Chocolate was awesome to work with, just let me run with my idea, and are super happy with the results!”

As for Santoro, he can’t get enough of Periscope. The Canadian vlogger, who boasts over 4.2 million YouTube subscribers and a brand-new book deal, holds the title of #1 North American Periscoper with over 87 million hearts (which are akin to likes on Facebook posts).

“I see major potential for the platform, which is why I’ve gone all-in on it!” Santoro explained. “As a YouTuber first and foremost, I’m finding many people who discover me on Periscope end up going to watch my content on YouTube. It’s great!”

You can watch the “Fun Revolution” music video on Arbour’s YouTube channel. Arbour has also included several bonus and behind-the-scenes videos related to the music video, such as a clip about how to recreate Arbour’s makeup look and a dance tutorial to learn the routine performed in “Fun Revolution.”

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