Screen Junkies’s newest Honest Trailer made a big impression on the director for the film it spoofed. James Gunn – the artist behind the camera from such entertainment properties as the horror flick Slither, the safe for work web series PG Porn, and the box office megahit Guardians of the Galaxy – recently gave props to the Guardians of the Galaxy Honest Trailer on Twitter.

Gunn tweeted the link to an article on the trailer, calling it “hilarious” and noting how much he loves the DEFY Media series.

That’s saying a lot considering Screen Junkies did their best to take as many jabs at the director’s popular sci-fi adventure as possible. The Honest Trailer starts by explaining how Marvel had to “scrape the bottom of the barrel for their obscure 70’s comic book barely anyone read.” Screen Junkies says this just proves “we’ll see anything if you slap Marvel’s name in front of it.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy Honest Trailer finishes up with the proclamation that the film is a result of Marvel being drunk on its own power, but its audiences still wouldn’t leave to watch a movie from DC Comics. Ultimately, though, the guys over at Screen Junkies admit “we’re really reaching here – this was a fun movie.”

It’s not exactly super rare to see prominent Hollywood names pay attention to content coming from outside the confines of the traditional Hollywood system, but it’s not a commonplace occurrence either. James Gunn’s acknowledgement of Screen Junkies’ work should be an encouragement not just to the Honest Trailer creators, but to YouTube talent everywhere. Stars – they watch and like YouTube videos just like us!

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