Apple TV Updates YouTube App To Allow Ad-Supported Videos

By 12/09/2014
Apple TV Updates YouTube App To Allow Ad-Supported Videos

Apple TV and YouTube wants their collective users to enjoy all that the world’s largest video sharing site has to offer, not just the unmonetized parts of it. The Internet set-top system now comes with an updated YouTube app with a new design and features, including the ability to stream ad-supported YouTube videos.

Previously, Apple TV couldn’t stream videos which required users to watch an ad before viewing the clip. “This is a similar situation to when we updated our iOS app — specifically that videos which required monetization weren’t available, like music videos,” a YouTube rep said to Variety.

There’s no explanation from either Apple or YouTube as to why this was was the case. And there’s no confirmation (or denial) from either company as to whether the limitations stemmed from a technical issue or one based more on how to split up the advertising revenue associated with ad-supported YouTube videos. Regardless, the YouTube’s app update is a welcome change from its previous limitations. Not only can Apple TV users now watch all videos on YouTube, but they can also subscribe to channels, see improved recommendations and predictive search results, and generally enjoy a better, more streamlined interface.

As an added bonus, Apple TV users now have access to services from some of the set-top’s newest content partners when they’d like to take a break from YouTube videos. Dailymotion, Conde Nast Entertainment’s The Scene, and ABC News and Univision Communication’s Fusion applications are all available for free on Apple TV. Ultimate Fighting enthusiasts can now also opt to pay $9.99 a month for Apple TV access to UFC.TV.

If you own an Apple TV, you won’t be required to download an update for the new YouTube app. So turn that device on and start enjoying unlimited access to all the online videos (and the accompanying advertisements) YouTube has to offer.