How do the online masses from different countries share video content? That’s the question marketing technology company Unruly sought to answer in its newest Geography of Sharing Report, which found almost one-fifth (17.9%) of internet users are responsible for 82.4% of all video shares worldwide. It’s the Pareto Principle in full effect.

Unruly noted how various countries’ video watchers play a different role in the sharing ecosystem. For example, South Korean viewers are some of the most actively involved in video, typically sharing 20% of videos within the first 24 hours of the media’s launch. They also have the highest engagement rate of all the countries Unruly surveyed at 28%.


Unruly also discovered Brazilians are far more likely to share a video with all the people they know (and then engage with it at 21%), as opposed to Americans who tend to share with select friends (and who only engage with 11% of videos) and UK residents who only seem to share a video with their families (with an even lower engagement rate of 8%).

The marketing tech company found YouTube views to comprise 24.3% of all video views around the globe, with viewership destinations varying widely between countries. Viewers in Brazil tend to stay on YouTube for their videos (50.3% of the time), while Japan has the lowest percentage of YouTube views at 19%.

The Geography of Sharing Report also delved into the reasons behind video viewers’ sharing habits based on what part of the world they live. Unruly’s key takeaway was that in order for a video to go viral on global level, it must have a happiness trigger. However, each region has different social motivations for sharing. American viewers will share a video based on a shared passion, Germans share to start conversations, Nordic citizens share videos to seek an opinion, and British viewers share videos because of social utility.


Unruly compiled its statistics using data from its analytics software. The company has been tracking more than 521 billion video views since 2006 and roughly 3100 brands across various social media platforms (including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter). Data was collected from the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Japan, South East Asia, and South Korea.

For more stats, you can visit Unruly’s site to download your free copy of the Geography of Sharing Report.

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