AwesomenessTV Launches 'Bridge' App To Foster Collaborations With Its Creators by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

AwesomenessTV’s creators now have a new digital matchmaking toy to play with. The YouTube Multi-Channel Network just announced the launch of its new mobile app Bridge by AwesomenessTV.

Exclusively available to talent that’s a part of AwesomenessTV or Big Frame (which was acquired by Awesomeness TV in April 2014), the free Bridge app helps creators from these MCNs discover and connect with other influencers within their networks in order to foster collaboration and channel growth. The app itself is pretty straightforward. Users are shown profiles and videos of fellow creators. If the users like what they see, they have the option of pressing the “collab” button to notify individual creators of their interest to work together. Or they can always choose “next” if they’d rather try to work with someone else.



If the notified creator also chooses to collaborate, the two creators then have the ability to chat through the Bridge app. It’s like Tinder, except with a couple of buttons instead of directional swipes.


“Collaborating on videos is one the fastest ways for YouTube channels to expand their audience,” said Kelly Day, Chief Digital Officer at AwesomenessTV, in the release. “Bridge puts creators only a few clicks away from finding a collaborator and allows them to chat without sharing personal contact information.”

Bridge ideally helps solve the problem of creators having to spend time, energy, and cash to meet and organize collaborations on their own or at in-person events. The self-discovery tool also streamlines the time-consuming task of tracking down a potential collaborator and his or her videos and contact info. That’s a hassle nearly every YouTube creator has to manage if they want to employ the tried and true tactic of collaboration to effectively grow their channel. AwesomenessTV’s app could remove some of the friction from the process to make in-network collaborations easier to execute and occur more often.

Bridge is the most recent initiative in a growing laundry list of announcements from the teen-focused MCN. AwesomenessTV previously made public the launch of a pop-up retail store for the coming holidays. The MCN also introduced its Awesomeness Ink publishing division specifically for young adult books, as well as a licensing department to help negotiate deals between YouTubers and retailers.

Available on all iOS devices, AwesomenessTV plans to develop the Bridge app for Android devices soon. The MCN will also open up the app to creators outside its network in the future. Until then, non-AwesomenessTV talent will have to figure out who to collaborate with the old-fashioned way (or they can check out some other technology in the market that hopes to foster collaboration).

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