Crackle, PlayStation, Magid Note 61% Of Adults Stream Movies & TV Shows Regularly [INFOGRAPHIC]

By 10/29/2014
Crackle, PlayStation, Magid Note 61% Of Adults Stream Movies & TV Shows Regularly [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sony’s Crackle has good reason to be happy it’s a streaming network right now. In a survey conducted with PlayStation and consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates, the network found streaming usage among consumers is more popular than last year’s results.

For the second year in a row, the three companies conducted the “New Living Room”. They provided an online survey to 1200 adults between the ages of 18 and 49, and found 61% of them stream movies or TV shows on a weekly basis (up from last year’s 44%), with 72% of millennials streaming each week as opposed to only 52% of them from last year. Crackle, PlayStation, and Magid also found consumers now default to streaming devices and apps connected to a TV (such as set-top boxes and gaming consoles) 62% of the time, instead of using a computer (48%), phone (23%), or tablet (28%).

“Last year, we saw that streaming video on connected TV devices was outpacing all other non-linear viewing habits—this year’s study surpassed our expectations,” said Eric Berger, Sony Pictures Television’s Executive Vice President of Digital Networks and GM of Crackle, in the release. “Viewer consumption on [connected TV] devices is soaring in popularity not only for individuals, but also overwhelmingly for co-viewing among groups in the living room,”


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The “New Living Room” study noted, too, how 57% of consumers prefer to stream on free, ad-supported programming (up from 51% last year), as opposed to paying for subscription and VOD services. While this is bad news for companies like CBS (who plans to launch a subscription service of its own), it’s beneficial for sites like YouTube and more recently Tumblr who work off the free-yet-ad-backed model.

Crackle, Playstation, and Magid provided this useful infographic with further information on streaming trends as they relate to co-viewing, DVR usage, and more.


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