YouTube To Open New Space In São Paulo, Brazil With Instituto Criar

By 10/27/2014
YouTube To Open New Space In São Paulo, Brazil With Instituto Criar

YouTube is getting some more international real estate. Google’s online video site just announced it will open its fifth YouTube Space in São Paulo, Brazil.

According to YouTube’s official blog, the world’s largest video sharing site partnered with Instituto Criar to launch the new Space location, which joins the Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and recently-opened New York City Spaces. Instituto Criar was founded in 2004 by Luciano Huck as a location for under-privileged students to come learn about filmmaking. This makes the institute an excellent partner for YouTube and a way in which the site can introduce professional equipment, training, and connections to Brazil’s burgeoning and established YouTube community.

YouTube’s blog states Brazilians are “one of the world’s most vibrant YouTube communities,” which is something of an understatement. Many Brazilian YouTubers have over one million subscribers (like Canal Nostalgia), and six of the country’s video creators were in the Top 100 Gaming Channels in September 2014. Additionally, the Wall Street Journal found in 2012, Brazil was YouTube’s second biggest market outside the U.S. and one of its top five markets by revenue.

With all these numbers supporting the country’s YouTube presence, it’s no surprise the online video giant would open its fifth Space in São Paulo, an international city with a population of over 11 million and counting. While an official opening date hasn’t yet been announced, we know Brazilian YouTubers will welcome the Space with open arms (and hopefully without the three-goggles).