Ryan Higa, Golden Rap About Wanting A Good Girl In 'S.W.G.' Video by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

Established YouTube comedian Ryan Higa (known to the online video masses as NigaHiga) and burgeoning musician Josh Golden (aka GOLDEN) are back with a new music video after their popular “Coffee Shop Love” collaboration. “Sweet Wholesome Gal” (“S.W.G.”) presents an untypical view of dating and romance as the musical duo raps about wanting to be with a nice lady.

In the video’s introduction, Higa and Golden commiserate over a clip with over 100 million views that’s just “a bunch of girls shaking their booties.” Higa states he’d much prefer a girl full of innocence and sweetness he can “watch Full House” with, before unsuccessfully trying to use a turnip (a popular vegetable on social media these days), beet, dough, and bread to segue into the music video portion.

Some feminists would undoubtedly want to pick a bone with Higa and Golden for assuming a woman who is shaking her butt is “acting like a stripper,” or even claiming they’ll open doors and provide jackets for their “S.W.G.”‘s the rest of their lives. However, the duo’s music video dares to challenge the view many in society (including some women) ascribe to, which is that all men are merely superficially-obsessed. Essentially, the video is an ironic yet poignant reminder of the dangers of generalizing at all.

“S.W.G.” co-stars Kina Grannis (the singer who scored a record deal with Interscope after winning Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl contest) as Higa and Golden’s ideal “sweet wholesome gal.” And the internet seems to like it. Since its upload just a week ago, the video has amassed over two million views on Higa’s channel.

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