Endemol Beyond Will Gain Better Video Insights With Tubular Labs Deal

By 09/25/2014
Endemol Beyond Will Gain Better Video Insights With Tubular Labs Deal

Endemol Beyond is taking its analytic game plan to the next level. The MCN teamed up with Tubular Labs to build up its brand and its creators’ audiences.

This new partnership allows Endemol to do two very important things. First of all, the company can now give access to Tubular’s tools to its creators like KSI, Michelle Phan, Pitbull, which will allow them to see analytics, grow their audiences, and accordingly adjust their video strategies. Second, Endemol gains the opportunity to use Tubular technology to track upcoming talent and channels, as well as provide a better marketing campaign for its current creators to help grow their fan bases.

“We customize our intelligence and analytics software to meet the needs of our clients because we want them to win at digital video,” said Rob Gabel, founder and CEO of Tubular Labs, in a release. “Many times they are flying blind and making business decisions based on minimal data; we deliver the deepest look into views, engagements and demographics so that Endemol Beyond can make educated production, programming and marketing decisions with real-time insights.”

Tubular Labs has been around since 2012, and has worked with other creators and networks like Chester See, AwesomenessTV, and StyleHaul. Endemol Beyond currently claims more than 300 million monthly views across its 300 digital video channels.