Kutiman Releases New Mashup Video To Promote His Upcoming Album by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

YouTube mashup artist Ophir Kutiel is back. After a typical (for him) long absence from the video platform, the Israeli musician known as Kutiman has released a new video called “GIVE IT UP” as a promotional tease for his upcoming album, Thru-You Too.

Like most of Kutiman’s previous work, “GIVE IT UP” blends together several tracks from various amateur musicians’ videos on YouTube, starting with a 6-year-old’s improvised piano playing and adding other instruments and some vocals from more users. Separately, the videos aren’t that impressive, but Kutiman’s attuned ear is somehow able to hear how they all fit together. The result is a cohesive and mind-blowing compilation which hints at tones of jazz, soul, rock, and classical.

Kutiman credits every single video he used, and requests help from his fans to find the ones that went missing since the creation of “GIVE IT UP.” The song promotes his new album Thru-You Too, which will be available on October 1. The album is a follow-up to his first successful online video music project from 2009, Thru-YOU, which garnered over 10 million views in two weeks.

Having only been released a few days ago on September 12, “GIVE IT UP” is currently sitting at over one million views.

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