Prank Channels Spoof YouTube With Fake Trailer For 'Scarface 2' by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

If you like videos poking fun of YouTube culture and the lifestyles of its creators, look no further than the collab spoof trailer Scarface 2. The combined talents of prank channels Bad Weather Films, VitalyzdTv, Roman Atwood, and Kevin Brueck all participated in the creation of the trailer, which jabs relentlessly at the very thing that has made them all famous — the beast known as YouTube.

In the trailer, which resembles the nature and attitude of the original Scarface films, Nikolai (Vitaly Zdorovetskiy from VitalyzdTv) arrives in America with one mission: to become the world’s most powerful YouTuber. Pairing with mentors (played by Atwood and Brueck) who have nothing but dollar signs in their eyes, Nikolai manages to gradually gain a following, but little does he know the fame and fortune that follows will turn everyone against him.

The 3-minute clip is all the collaborators needed to squeeze in a few poignant jabs at the YouTube industry. For example, Nikolai’s right-hand man Carlito (Brueck) mentions how YouTuber Barry (Sam Milman from Bad Weather Films) is so famous, people recognize him in real life. Also, the local police force is after Nikolai for “using copyrighted music and images he doesn’t have the rights to,” as well as for doing a “ton of cocaine.” Finally, we see Nikolai arguing with Barry about who invented the cinnamon challenge prank first.

While this definitely isn’t the first collaboration between YouTubers, it’s certainly a well-executed (and well-played) spoof. View the trailer on Bad Weather Films’s channel, and subscribe to each collaborator’s channel if you want some more laughs down the road.

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